Mizaan Retreat

Mizaan Retreat 2015

Theme: Salam: Achieving Inner and Outer Peace
Friday Aug 28 - Sunday Aug 30, 2015
Camp Lindenmere
163 Lindenmere Lane, Henryville, PA 18332


The Mizaan Retreat

The Mizaan Retreat seeks to bring Muslim families and individuals together for a weekend full of fun activities, learning and inspirational experiences in a cabin camp setting. By encouraging friendship, personal spiritual exploration and respect for diversity of Islamic practice, Mizaan Retreat hopes to foster the creation of American Muslim identities. The Mizaan Retreat is sponsored by the Muslim Life program at Princeton. It will be a place for youth and beyond to participate in an Islamic atmosphere of learning and fun. The adult supervisors will be there as counselors and teachers, and some will have their children participating in the retreat. Be a part of the Fifth Annual Mizaan Retreat, inspired by the Muslim Youth Camp of California (est. 1961.)

Mizaan means Balance.

The word “mizaan” is from the arabic language and is found in the Qur’an, as “al-mizaan” and literally means “The Balance”. In Chapter 55 of the Qur’an, “God has raised up the sky. God has set the balance so that you may not exceed in the balance: weigh with justice and do not fall short in the balance…” The word “al-mizaan” is etymologically related to the word “al-wazan” (The Measure). Some Qur’anic commentators have sought to explain the meaning of the term “al-mizaan” in the verse above as the balance by which the consequences of human action are weighed in the next world as well as the necessity of leading a morally balanced life in this world. Others have interpreted the term to mean the discernment that allows us to establish balance in all aspects of life. The word balance is also identified as a name for the Qur’an itself.
For three days, the Mizaan Retreat is an opportunity to get away from school, home, telephone, TV, and computers and live in an Islamic atmosphere of learning and fun. The education program is stimulating, full of discussions, work shops, halaqas and more. The active and recreational program includes team building, hikes, rock climbing, arts & crafts, and more. Life long friends are made at camp. It is an experience you do not want to miss.
Islamic calligraphy mainly became an art during the Islamic empire, not only because of religious belief, but also due to the weight the calligrapher felt when writing the “word” of God. A calligrapher by the name of ‘Ibn Muqla’ was the first to perfect Islamic calligraphy by creating proportions and standardizing Arabic letters. It was called the “Alif Module”.