Dress Code
We realize that the majority of students do dress in accordance with Islamic norms. However, because modesty is such an essential feature of our faith and an important element of the learning environment, we want to remind students and parents of the expected Dress Code. This ensures that everyone has the same information and is held to the same standard.

General Rules

  • Students should dress according to Islamic guidelines of personal modesty.
  • Generally, this means clothes that are loose-fitting and do not reveal the detailed shape of the body – for both boys and girls.Also, clothes containing slogans or messages that are obscene or offensive should not be worn.


  • Dresses or skirts are ankle length unless they are worn over pants (see next item).
  • Pants are full-length; no shorts
  • Shirts are long-sleeved, and fall below the hips.
  • Pants and shirts should not be tight or form-fitting.
  • No see-through clothing
  • No excessively loose pants that fall below the waist

Consideration for Prayer:

  • Headscarf for women and girls
  • Length of shirts should show consideration for prayer: ruku’ & Sajda (below hips)

Do your best.