Packing List

May Allah give us tawfeeq to enjoy and benefit over the course of this weekend!

  • Make dua’ as you leave your home, ask Allah to grant you a good and spiritually elevating experience.
  • Please bring a Qur’an to read and recite from.
  • Please pack clothes that are seasonally and religiously appropriate.
  • Plan on disengaging, as much as you can, from technology and electronics this weekend so that you can experience Allah’s nature around you and the companionship of great people.
  • Come with your best attitude: smiles on your face, embrace everyone in your midst–those you know and don’t know–and, show patience with the program.

Here is a PACKING LIST you can print out!

Sleeping bag (rated for at least 40 degrees or cooler
Extra Blanket and Pillow
Fitted twin sheet to cover bunk bed mattress
Personal care items (shampoo, soap, toothbrush etc)
Warm, comfortable layered clothes for 2 days (maybe one extra outfit just in case….)
Warm jacket for cool nights (think 45 degree weather at Fajr)
flip-flops for showering
Sneakers for sports and hiking
Refillable water bottle with name on it
Re-usable coffee mug (for adults)
Anything you might need for campfire skits and acts (guitar, a few props etc.)